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What if you already knew the answer to every question ever asked? What if dreams could be deciphered? What if the abyss of pictures holds an answer for you - an answer you are able to understand. But how? How?

"A Visual Treat!!! Haunting and powerful! Some of the best colored images and interpretations EVER! Love It!!"
(Five stars on Amazon)

"This is a very refreshing deck, beautifully done, that is very easy to read with. Stories flow! I would feel comfortable offering this deck to any of my clients."
(Review on Aeclectic Tarot)

For the creation of the Parallel Worlds Tarot, I drew out of my treasure trove of two decades as Tarot reader and artist, and found fitting images for each of the 78 cards.
The charm of this deck lies in the detailed images and bright colors. Its cards will inspire the reader and encourage him or her to interpret intuitively. They are a tool for divination and represent the Tarot as a mirror of the soul.

Using a figurative picture-language, each card shows an association to situations named by it. The cards show scenes that could be, will be or what is unlikely to happen. They also depict dreams,  hopes and astral visions. Countless possibilities are co-existent, and the cards let you take a look at them. Several of the images seem as if the viewer has already seen them before – but where? In some cases, they contain archetypal elements, which are integrated into scenes that show common hopes or fears.

The Minor Arcana consist of situations and feelings attached to each card's denotation. These can be daily situations or dreams.  

  • Kings and Queens are powerful characters shown in their sphere of action.

  • Knights are depicted with each corresponding (biblical) creature, and are emphasizing the atmosphere that corresponds with their element. Those four creatures (lion, eagle, human and bull) combined form the sphinx.

  • Squires are young males who travel on foot. Mostly they represent a message or chance, or people we meet only for a short time.


The Major Arcana of this deck find new ways to express the card's meanings. Some characters are detached from common schemes, like the Devil or the Moon, some are depicted traditionally, for example the Fool or the Hermit.

On all cards, the astrological correspondences are noted. These are helpful correlations if the reader is already experienced, but also if he or she is a beginner who decides to dive into the wonderful world of astrological conjunctions with the Tarot. This wisdom is best described for example by Tarot luminaries like Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers or Aleister Crowley. 

On the following pages of this small website you find images of some of the cards, explanations, spreads and of course you can buy the deck here, too.

Enjoy exploring!