I was born 1977 in Germany where I spent most of my life. I graduated the Offenbach University of Art and Design and since eight years I work as illustrator and graphic designer in Vienna/Austria. Whenever I find the time, I write and publish novels (mostly science fiction and crime thriller). 

I received my first Tarot deck (Rider Waite Smith) at fifteen years old and have ever since then been fascinated by the limitless world of the cards. Since then it was also my plan to create a deck myself. In 2010 I finished my first deck, which I named "Aquarius Arcanus Tarot". Unfortunately I could not publish it, and so I decided to create a new and better one. The result is the Parallel Worlds Tarot.

Illustration is occupying the majority of my interest and I strive to evolve. My most used tool is the Adobe Illustrator combined with Photoshop. From time to time I use acrylic colors, but this is rather rare.


When it comes to Tarot, a long journey lays behind me. My approach to the cards was at first reverential, then practical. Afterwards, I explored the esoteric side of the Tarot as a tool for meditation, which I highly recommend because it is one of the things out there that really works. I would like to recommend the teachings as well as mediations of Paul Foster Case on this subject.

I also learned a lot about the connection of the Tarot with the cabbalistic tree of life, and it is amazing how you can find the correlations already in the Tarot de Marseille. I am also a great admirer of McGregor Mather’s approach to the Tarot, as well as Arthur Edward Waites teachings.
But even with a lot of theoretical knowledge in the background, I still keep my readings short, concise and intuitive. Each Tarot reader has his or her own approach, and although I prefer a certain way to do readings, I would like to encourage especially Tarot beginners to try out what seems best and most fitting for everyone personally.



How to contact me:
I love every e-mail I receive, so if you have comments, questions or anything you would like to tell me, don't hesitate to write me!


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