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I would like to introduce a couple of my favorite spreads. As I also write in the section "Readings" here on this website, I prefer short and concise spreads to receive a useful answer for a question. The spreads I show here are classics, except "The Love Oracle" by Hajo Banzhaf, and "The Healing Spread" which I invented because I needed a good spread for this purpose myself once. It works wonderfully.



The Healing Spread

We all experienced times where our immune system seemed to have little to no effect at all, or when we had so much stress that our body sent out warning signals in form of illness. This spread is a great help to find ways out of the trap.
Examples for questions that can be solved with this spread:
- I am ill and I am looking for a way to make myself feel better.
- My way of life is physically bad for me. I need a new perspective.
- I suffer from lovesickness and my body suffers too. 

Card 1: Represents the querent
Card 2: The problem (illness, sorrow etc.)
Card 3: Positive thoughts and affirmations that the querent should use
Card 4: Helpful surrounding (places and people)
Card 5: What your body is trying to tell you
Card 6: What will bring healing


The Relationship Spread

This spread is not only for love-relations. Sometimes we would like to find where we stand with a colleague at work or our neighbor. It is also a good way to find out what the problem is in a relationship with people that we have difficulties to deal with.
The left pillar signifies the querent. The right pillar represents the partner the querent inquires about.

Card 1:      
The significator shows the situation in which the relationship actually is at the moment.
Card 7+2:   
The two upper cards of both pillars show the conscious level on which the partners meet. They show how each partner evaluates the relationship rationally. 
Card 6+3:   
The two cards in the middle of each pillar represent the emotional side of the relationship. What does each partner feel about it? What does he hope or long for? 
Card 5+4:   
The two cards at the bottom show the behavior towards the other. This may also be a facade they show.

When doing this reading, please keep in mind that especially here, Kings and Queens have to be interpreted as persons. If there is a card of the opposite sex in the pillar, this is a hint that the person has to do with another person in the accordant field.
Knights represent moods and Squires outer impulses.
A Squire as significator gives the whole relationship a positive impulse.

The Love Oracle

A short and very precise spread on love affairs. I saw the German Tarot expert Hajo Banzhaf presenting this spread during a lecture once. He asked a guest to volunteer with a question on love and what followed was one of the most precise and also hilarious readings ever. So this spread advanced to one of my favorites. It is especially useful if the querent is in love with someone, but is unsure how to approach the person of interest. 

Card 1: … is as always the significator. What is this all about? 
Card 2: What is motivating the querent. His/her desires, wishes, fears or hopes. 
Card 3: How the other person sees the querent or the relationship (if there is one at the moment). 
Card 4: A suggestion: what to do / how to behave to achieve a positive result.

The Path

This spread is similarly built like the Relationship Spread, only that it works for specific projects. It is especially useful when a project is harder than planned or won't flourish even if we think we have done everything we could.

The left pillar signifies how you currently act on the subject. The right pillar shows you an alternative and more successful way to achieve the desired goal. 

Card 1:      
The significator shows the situation you are in with your undertaking at the moment.
Card 7+2:   
The two upper cards of both pillars show your thoughts on it and the rational evaluation. 
Card 6+3:   
The two cards in the middle of each pillar show the emotional side of your plans (hopes and fears)
Card 5+4:   
The two cards at the bottom show how your projects in the outer environment. Is it generally supported? Is it struggling to be valued? Do people try to talk you out of it? Or do they appreciate it?

The Celtic Cross

A classic spread, suitable for almost all questions. I myself like to give the reading a time frame of three months, which means it is “valid” for the next three months, not the rest of our lives.

Card 1: The initial situation
Card 2: An impulse that is beneficial or hindering (note: positive cards here can mean a support or on the other hand a distraction from the initial situation)
Card 3: What you think about the situation/problem (mind)
Card 4: How you feel about it (heart)
Card 5: The recent past
Card 6: What will happen next
Card 7: The querent’s attitude
Card 8: Influencing surrounding (places or people)
Card 9: Anticipation or fears that the querent may not be fully conscious of
Card 10: Long-range forecast or climax of the question/problem.